Orhei-Vit is the leader in the juices and baby food industry in the Republic of Moldova. The company owns the most popular brands in its segments of the Moldovan market: Naturalis, VITA, VITA Premium, Vita Baby, TATA, Masa Mare, Gustos, etc.

Orhei-Vit produces a wide range of finished products: juices, nectars, baby food, canned vegetables, jams, fruit preserves; and also semi-finished products: concentrated juices, fruit and vegetable pastes and puree, aromas. More than 200 SKU in total. All products are made exclusively from natural raw materials.

Orhei-Vit was founded in 1945 with the opening of the Orhei cannery. Today, the Orhei-Vit holding includes 2 modern factories in the cities of Orhei and Causeni, as well as its own agricultural enterprise and distribution company. The head office of the company is in Chisinau.

Orhei-Vit production facilities have capacities to produce 75 million liters of juice, 4 million jars of canned fruits and vegetables, 3 million cans of green peas, 5 million jars of baby food per year.

The Orhei-Vit company is equipped with modern, high-performance equipment of such companies TETRA-PAK, Bucher, Unipectin, EBL, FBR-ELPO, etc.

The geography of sales of Orhei-Vit is vast – more than 35 countries , including: Russia, Romania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, USA, Israel, China, Canada, Qatar, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, UK, the Baltic countries, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, etc.

In total, Orhei-Vit employs more than 235 permanent workers. Every year the company invests tens of millions of lei in the development of production, which allows not only to maintain the quality standards, but also increase production and product range. The product quality is appreciated by consumers from all parts of the world: from EU countries, former Soviet states, as well as fastest growing economies like USA and China.

Orhei-Vit continues to grow in current markets, but also strives to enter new markets. Participation in various prestigious exhibitions of food and beverages, such as Alimentaria Barcelona, ​​SIAL Paris, ANUGA Koln and PRODEXPO in Moscow, brought the company high awards. As a result of an international audit, Orhei-Vit was certified in accordance with the international standard of the food safety management system ISO 22000 & IFS Food.