Orhei-Vit processes fresh fruit and vegetables predominantly of Moldovan origin into semi-finished products for the industry.

The raw materials and their harvest are very strictly checked by experienced agronomists and are subject to the highest quality standards at every stage.
Be it all-natural fruits and vegetables or certified products for the baby food industry — we ensure that all production processes from the field to the final stage of production are clearly traceable.

The storage capacity of Orhei-Vit is around 8.5 million litres.

We offer a range of packaging for the semi-finished products, including aseptic packaging of varying kinds and sizes: aseptic bags in drums and bins, and non aseptic in bulk (flexitank, tank truck).

Orhei-Vit offers concentrated juices, fruit and vegetable pastes and purees, aromas. All products are made exclusively from natural and proven raw materials.